Monday, 24 October 2011

Buyuden 28 by Franky House



IRC: trigger is !buyu28

Raw: Magicbulletgirl
Translation: Aegon Rokudo at
Cleaning: Igneel no fansub, Pirate_11
Typesetting: Choco_Miel, Max Mahito
Quality-Check: Max Mahito

mail me at if you want to help out.Cleaners needed the most.Raw providers the next and typesetters too.


  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  3. By the way, I've finally gotten around to reading a lot of these (I was about 10 chapters behind or so), and I notice you seem to alternately refer to Watari by both "he/him" and "she/her", oftentimes within the same chapter. I'm assuming it's a guy, but you may want to be a little more careful with this when translating and proofreading. ;)

  4. Hello, geese1~
    Glad you pointed out that because I can clarify it now to the readers.We use he/she alternatively because it's so in the japanese raw.Everyone except Isamu use "She" pronoun for Watari and "He" pronoun is used only by Isamu.

    We thought Watari is a girl, many things in the manga support this....but a single page in Chapter 30's raw shows an entire opposite view.

    So, yeah.We just used the pronouns that were there in the Original japanese and until Mitsuda makes some kind of announcement or something, I guess this alternating pronouns will continue.
    You're most welcome to point out any other mistakes/errors/faults.We'll gladly fix them up.

  5. Max,

    Thanks for the clarification. That's really weird that they would word it that way, but not being that familiar with the Japanese language maybe this isn't all that uncommon?

    Regardless, thanks for your work on the series. Catching up on it over the last day or two I've realized just how much I'm enjoying this title, and I'm looking forward to future chapters!

  6. I thought you were banned from the forum group before it got suspended max? Hope you're okay!!! And hope you guys win :D Anyway thanks for the release!!!


  7. Ah, yes.I was banned and don't know if I am still banned xD
    But, I got in touch with Ms.Bell.She doesn't reply that much, but told me to be patient before declaring the group dead again or starting up a new forum claiming the old one is gone :P
    Glad to know you're still lurking around here ;)

    Be Well

  8. I miss lurking on the forums already... Withdrawal sympoms if you know what I mean :D I'm glad you're still around too :D I miss fh already :( you take care too :D